Come And Know What Is Anemia?

Come And Know What Is Anemia?

Come And Know What Is Anemia?

Come And Know What Anemia Is; Today’s topic is critical because it spreads rapidly all over Countries, especially Asian and South Asian Countries. We are talking about the deficiency of blood in the human body. Usually, when we feel a deficiency of blood in our body, we don’t see its reasons. We don’t know how many cells are in the blood? What is the importance of each cell? What is the purpose of those cells and how they slow down?

For instance, a lady said once, and my skin color will be exchanged with yellow. I think I am going to anemic.

Types Of Anemia:

There are two things in Anemia.


Come And Know What Is Anemia?



Hemoglobin produces in bone marrow as a result of defective or dead Red blood cells. If you feel anything like it, you must go to the Doctor, and proper tests must be done. Anemia is not standing in front of a mirror to examine your skin colors. If someone says to you that you will be weak or feel jadedness yourself, it doesn’t mean that you are Anemic.


There are some symptoms of Anemic. Either it’s a result of Iron deficiency, Hemoglobin deficiency, breakdown of red blood cells, or overflow of blood symptoms are following.


  • Fatigue.
  • Pain in bones.
  • Weakness.
  • Difficulty in breathing.
  • Skin issues.



Especially if a woman has a deficiency of blood in pregnancy, they usually feel a craving for soil, sweets, etc.

As your facial skin starts to be yellow, break down of nails in anemia, on the other hand, it causes dangerous disease tumor, hepatitis C & B beside it. There are many female diseases. Excess of menstrual cycle & miscarriage is also a cause of Anemia. A part of its stomach worm in childhood, pneumonia, or any tumor type can become a huge reason for Anemia.

In most countries, stomach worms are the biggest reason for Anemia. The second one is the same in all stages of life, which is swear injury in accidents. Red blood cells destroy in Malaria. Above all, Anemia is caused by cancer, typhoid, thalassemia, and ulcer too.


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