What are Dark Circles

Everything You Need to Know What are Dark Circles

What are Dark Circles?

What are Dark Circles; In this article, we will discuss the Treatment & Causes of Dark Circles, why they occur, and how to prevent them. Usually, people think that the Dark Circles may be caused by jet lag or less sleep. It may be a cause, but there are other reasons too. The internal, external reason, and deficiency of blood. First of all, I will tell you an external reason. Nowadays, men, women, older children all have had insomnia. Because we have late-night functions, people use too much mobile till late at night. The radiation from mobile is very effected you to your eyes and face similarly radiation of T.V screen also affects the eyes and face.

What are Dark Circles

Dark Circles Genetic Causes:

The second reason is that if your parents or any family member has the same issue, it can transfer to you while fertilizing comes. The 3rd reason is a deficiency of blood. Usually, it is found in women if they have some issues with their menstrual cycle so it can cause. Anaemia (deficiency of blood) and shortage of haemoglobin. When your bloody loose haemoglobin brings leakage of many other things in your body too, i.e., folic acid, vitamin A, Apart from it, people who are facing diabetes, Blood pressure in obesity must cause Dark Circle on the neck, fingers joints, and beside under reasons.


These people have to suffer from Dark Circles around their eyes. Don’t use extra hot green tea. Use only 2 to 4 cups of green tea (normal) in a day. Use a lot of fruits in a day because it fulfils all the requirements of vitamins. There is another reason Dark Circle is a lake of water. Try to drink as much water as you can we must use all vegetables. You can use it by boiling or as a salad.

Besides it, people who usually cry all the time because of their soft-hearted nature they hurt easily or can’t sleep overnight or cry they also can face Dark Circles. Don’t use hard stuff in towels. Try to use soft stuff like tissue or a soft towel.

Dark Circles Treatment:

I will tell you a natural way to reduce Dark Circles. If you take green tea, it’s an effortless way to remove your green tea bag from the cup, take two bags of green tea, and freeze them for 5 minutes. After it keeps both bags on your eyes to make them relax, Change their side after two or three minutes.

Now gently rub those bags around your eyes. Keep it in your mind that the bag must be of green tea, and drink maximum water every day. A part of it, you can use cucumber slices put them on your eyes after freezing them for 5 to 6 minutes. Push them gently on your eyes that their water reaches your skin. In this way, you can reduce the maximum Dark Circle. The most important thing is that they use good quality products.

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